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RRCMAS Final Result Group-D Trackman, Helper 2013 RRC SR : Southern Railway Recruitment Cell

Organisation : Railway Recruitment Cell Southern Railway RRC SR
Announcement : Final Result
Designation : Group-D Trackman, Helper
Reference Number : EN No.02/2013
Home Page :

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RRC SR Group-D Final Result

Written examination against EN No. RRC02/2013 was held on 02/11/2014, 09/11/2014, 16/11/2014, 23/11/2014 & 30/11/2014. Physical Efficiency Test (PET) for successful candidates in written examination was conducted from 08/03/2015 to 12/03/2015 (Candidates at a ratio of 1:2 were subjected for PET). Based on the results of the written examination and qualifying in PET, candidates were called for verification of original documents from 08/06/2015 to 21/09/2015.

Those found eligible during document verification were sent for Medical Examination. A Final result (1st Part) consisting of 7,706 candidates whose medical certificates were received by RRC was published on 30/09/2015. Now, the following candidates whose medical examination certificates have been received subsequently by this office and found medically fit are provisionally recommended for appointment in Southern Railway. The remaining medically fit candidates will be recommended on receipt of medical certificates.

Candidates may note that the validity of the panel is two years and the empanelled candidates will be appointed in a phased manner.

Candidates List

Sl No. | Roll No. | NAME | DOB | Comm | UNIT
1 4304017214 MUHAMMED NOORUDHEEN K A 14/03/1988 OBC SR
2 4301040677 VINITHA V 21/12/1983 UR SR
3 4501018176 JINSY C 20/04/1989 UR SR
4 4401004808 SURENDRA SINGH 12/04/1990 UR SR
5 4104048231 BALEEL AHAMED 13/02/1990 OBC SR
6 4301046250 KUMAR SHANU 12/03/1994 UR SR
7 4404058691 SARIN B P 23/08/1989 OBC SR
8 3303000002 KAMLESH KUMAR MEENA 28/07/1979 ST SR
9 4504019197 JISNA T DINARAJAN 25/05/1990 OBC SR
10 3401003595 SATYAJIT KUMAR 15/10/1993 UR SR
11 4204045386 RAKESH KUMAR PRIYATAM 01/03/1983 OBC SR
12 4304001074 KIRAN M 09/05/1988 OBC SR
13 4504009419 DIWAKAR KUMAR 05/05/1987 OBC SR
14 4301032953 MD MERAJ ANSARI 18/05/1987 UR SR
15 4104044573 ANOOP E T 15/05/1991 OBC SR
16 3504004756 JISNA P 10/05/1986 OBC SR
17 4301016742 MANJULA R 13/03/1981 UR SR
18 4304012214 MUHSIN MUHAMMED SN 28/05/1992 OBC SR
19 4301043692 KAMLESH KUMAR PATHAK 10/07/1993 UR SR
20 4304009109 MANU M 20/05/1989 OBC SR
21 4404022528 SRUTHI V 08/04/1989 OBC SR
22 4501029772 JUSTIN T T 31/05/1987 UR SR
23 4401016112 SREEJA E 08/05/1984 UR SR
24 3401000094 CHANDRA PRAKASH 10/01/1990 UR SR
25 4101010883 ABHILASH R 23/05/1991 UR SR
26 4201008462 RANJIT KUMAR 15/01/1995 UR SR
27 4504013329 PREJITHA K 26/08/1980 OBC SR
28 4401011512 SHRISHAIL BANDIGANI 28/08/1989 UR SR
29 4401040321 SURAJ KUMAR 01/04/1995 UR SR
30 4101027606 ARUN V M 22/02/1992 UR SR
31 4301032309 VIVEKANANDAN C M 15/03/1983 UR SR
32 4301002675 KIRANRAJ A 29/05/1989 UR SR
33 4301022222 MEELIA TREESA 25/05/1995 UR SR
34 4201030938 REJULA K 20/04/1985 UR SR
35 4401021999 SREEJITH B 30/05/1989 UR SR
36 4101016520 AKHILESH VASUDEVAN 29/05/1991 UR SR
37 4301028628 VISHNU V 25/02/1992 UR SR
38 4201024563 RAHUL G NAIR 27/02/1991 UR SR
39 4204028733 RAVI SHANKAR KUMAR 28/02/1993 OBC SR
40 4401037469 SILNA S 01/06/1984 UR SR
41 4401009954 S VISWANATHA REDDY 10/07/1988 UR SR
42 4404054380 SARANYA P 28/04/1991 OBC SR
43 4101022941 ATREYEE RAKSHIT 08/09/1981 UR SR
44 4501037346 PRAVEENA V S 23/04/1984 UR SR
45 4401008291 SANJOY CHAKRABORTY 15/01/1989 UR SR
46 4401032619 SATHISHKUMAR P 11/06/1989 UR SR
47 4401036668 SARATH KUMAR U 24/09/1989 UR SR
48 4101029909 BHUSHAN KUMAR 08/07/1989 UR SR
49 3101000572 AFTAB ALAM 13/03/1994 UR SR
50 4301043665 VINEESHKUMAR S 10/05/1986 UR SR
51 3201003706 RAHUL KUMAR VERMA 31/07/1993 UR SR
52 3401002142 SATYENDRA KUMAR YADAV 29/11/1985 UR SR
53 4401008051 SYAM SASIDHARAN 10/04/1989 UR SR
54 3401005818 SANJAY KUMAR PANDEY 24/06/1992 UR SR
55 4401015369 SYLADA MANIKANTHA 09/06/1994 UR SR
56 3101004008 ANOOP K 10/05/1988 UR SR
57 4101032402 AMIT KUMAR MISHRA 20/02/1992 UR SR
58 4101034140 ARUNRAJ K K 30/05/1993 UR SR
59 4301015671 Vijay kumar Singh 01/03/1983 UR SR
60 4301020576 MARRI MASTAN REDDY 11/06/1986 UR SR
For full list of successful candidates, refer the pdf file in the above link.

Recruitment Process

** The recruitment process consists of a Written Examination followed by Physical Efficiency Test and Medical Examination.
** The candidates whoever fulfils all the eligible conditions will be called for Written Examination. Call Letter indicating the date, time and venue will be issued to all the eligible candidates separately, for Written Examination and PET.

Written Examination

The duration of the Written Examination shall be 1½ hours. The Written Examination shall be based on Class Ten level (10th Standard) consisting of 100 multiple choice objective type questions aimed to asses the General Knowledge/Awareness, Mathematics and reasoning etc.
** The question paper shall be printed in Hindi, Urdu, English and in the Regional Languages viz. Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada.
** Negative marking: There will be negative marking for wrong answers. 1/3 mark shall be deducted for each wrong answer i.e. One mark shall be deducted for every three wrong answers.

Physical Efficiency Test (PET)

Based on the performance in the Written Examination, eligible candidates equal to two times the number of vacancies in the order of merit, will be called for PET. A separate advice, indicating date, time and venue of PET will be communicated to the eligible candidates.

Passing the Physical Efficiency Test is mandatory and the same will be qualifying in nature. The criterion for the PET will be as under:-
For Male Candidates : Should be able to run for a distance of 1000 metres in 4 minutes and 15 seconds in one chance.
For Female Candidates : Should be able to run for a distance of 400 metres in 3 minutes and 10 seconds in one chance.

Selection is made strictly based on merit. Shortlisted candidates will be called for Document Verification based on their merit position, availability of vacancies and reservation rules. The candidates may note that qualifying in Written Examination and PET does not automatically entitle them for appointment in Railways.

Only those candidates who submit the original certificates/documents in support of their eligibility during the Document Verification will be directed for medical examination.

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  1. My name is akshay patwardhan
    My roll no is 4101048084
    Can you please tell me am I pass or not

  2. I need the result of Southern Railway exam which is held on November 14.

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  4. My roll number is 4104059438. Please reply my current position.

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  7. Rajshekhar, When did you complete your PET? Please mention the date here.

  8. My roll number is 4404062436. PET is completed. Please tell, when will my call letter come?

    1. I think, they stopped to call from this list and they will recruit from new list.

  9. Please tell me the date of document verification.

    1. Please clarify, which document verification you are asking about?

  10. Please reply, Where can I find the updates of RRC Chennai 2013 recruitment?

    1. ओम प्रकाश मीना

      सर 1 रेलवे गुरूप डी में वेटिंग लिस्ट कब निकाल रहे हो 2 वेटिंग लिस्ट निकाली तो कितनी नो की निकाली 3 सर वैकसी रिक्त चल रही है इनको वेटिंग लिस्ट निकालकर भर लो सर वैकसी का पैनल बंद थोड़ी किया है

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  16. I am selected in written test. My roll number is 3504010141 and my PET number is 82347. Please let me know the next process.

    1. I am working in Chennai. I have also waited for 1 year to get the joining letter. Be patient, you will get it soon.

  17. My written exam roll number is 4304058165 and PET exam roll number is 47556. I am qualified in both. When will I receive my joining order?

    1. My written exam Roll Number is 4104054056, centre code is AO77 and PET exam Roll Number is 82254 and centre code is PTO1. When will I get posting?



  19. My roll number is 323000384.

    1. Online Examination Results
      Online examination against CEN. No. 01/2015 was held between 22.02.2016 to 26.02.2016. Based on performance in Online examination, candidates with the follwoing Roll Nos. are called for Document Verification on 11.07.2016. Those found eligible in Document Verification will be sent for Medical Examamination. Intimation advice will be sent to the following the candidates shortly.

  20. I passed both exam but not call for DV. My roll number is 330200806 & pet number is 23683.

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    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      Selection is made strictly based on merit. Shortlisted candidates will be called for Document Verification based on their merit position, availability of vacancies and reservation rules. The candidates may note that qualifying in Written Examination and PET does not automatically entitle them for appointment in Railways.

  24. My roll number is 3303004508.

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    1. I think recruitment procedure is over for this category and if they need will call, better to try for coming exams.

  29. My roll number is 4504050305. I have passed PET. Please send my status.

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    1. I have also passed this exam but not received the joining letter.

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  32. Manindra Kumar Khatait

    When will my joining letter come? My roll number is 3303004930. My name is available in 1st list. My rank is 7701. Please tell me any information.

  33. Venkataramanaiah Yembeti

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  35. Venkataramanaiah Yembeti

    In life job is very much needed. My life is in very hard position. I want job. My register number is 4302034367 & PET number is 24232. I’m qualified in both tests.

    1. Don’t wait. Prepare for another exam. It is no use. Recruitment is finished. I also passed both exam but still letter has yet to come.
      My pet number 24150(2 pm). I belong to SC caste. I am waiting for group-D 2017.

  36. Venkataramanaiah Yembeti

    I’m qualified in written and pet. But there is no call for DV. Is there any chance to get this job?

  37. I need to know about 3rd document verification going to happen in September 2017.

    1. How do you know 3rd DV is on September 2017?

    2. Please tell me about 3rd document verification.

    3. There is no notification found about 3rd document verification in the official website.

  38. My roll number is 4404062436. I have qualified written test and pet. Is there any chance to get this job?

  39. Unemployment Youth

    What is the current status of this list? Can we get another appointment?

    1. Information available from the Official Website :

      Candidates called for Document Verification are directed to download Instructions & Bio-Data form from RRC Website Candidates may please note that separate Call Letters will NOT be sent for attending Document Verification.The Bio Data form must be certified by the Immediate Supervisor. Candidates will not be permitted to attend Verifiction without Immediate Supervisor’s certification on the Bio Data Form.

  40. Ummed Kumar Mahawar

    Kindly send the 3rd merit list.

    1. My Roll Number is 82308 & Exam date is 23/11/2014. Please send my appointment status and Rank Number.

  41. Parsa Paramanandam

    When will the document verification be held? Please let me know.

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  60. My roll number is 3402015905. PET date is 11/03/2015 at 2.00pm. My PET number is 24352. Is there any chance for additional list?

  61. I am selected in written test and in PET. When will I get this job?

  62. When will come my join letter? My document verification date is 04-01-2017, panel list serial number is-11311.

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    1. I would like to know if there is any information about next DV/ medical or cancellation.

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    1. Is there any chance for another merit list? If anybody knows about group D, please reply.

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  68. When can I receive the joining letter? Please inform.

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  70. My panel no is 9601. I did not get appointment.

  71. Where will be get joining letter for my medical in 4th February and my verification is in 1st Feb?

    1. You said, your medical and DV is on Feb 1st and FEB 4th. Is it on 2017 or completed last year?

  72. My written test roll no is 3104005764 and pet roll no is 82541. I am also in 1st list. When will come my call letter?

  73. Please let me know if an additional candidate have any chance.

  74. My pet roll no is 24230.
    I got selected in pet. But I got no call for DV.
    Roll no : 4302034367
    Pet no : 24230

    1. I got selected in PET. But I got no call for DV. My pet number is 24150 dated 10.3.2015 2.00 pm.

  75. My rank in panel is 10781. When will I get offer? Please inform me.

    1. I am already included in the final additional list. My rank number is 10526. When will the joining letter come?

  76. My roll number is 3404003388.
    What is my status?

  77. My roll no is 42042032582 and rank is 11347. I need final panel list with additional list. Please tell me. When will come my joining letter?

    1. My roll no. is 42042032582 and my rank is 11347. When will joining letter come?

  78. My roll no is 4302054647. When will I get my appointment latter? My name is in 1st list.

  79. Manindra Kumar Khatait

    My roll no is 3303004930. When will my joining letter come? My name is available in 1st list. Please inform me.

  80. When will I get an appointment?
    Roll No : 3404010339

  81. MY ROLL NO IS 3504002425.
    PET 12/3/15 12.00 PM

  82. My roll no is 4502037699.

  83. MY ROLL NO IS 3504002425.
    PET 12/3/2015

  84. I am am additional candidate. I am included in not allotted list. When will the next allotted list come?

  85. Is there any possibility of job in group D for additional candidates?

    1. Any information for group D additional candidate.

  86. I need to know is there any new information about next additional candidates list called for document verification in RRC group D post.

  87. My roll no is 4202000390.
    Exam held on 09.11.2014.
    I want to know my mark.

  88. Pattigulla Appalanaidu

    I am selected in written test.
    Roll no : 47603
    My ht no:4504031360
    Do I have any chance?

  89. My ROLL NO IS 4101003836.
    PET – 10/03/15 , (2:00)
    Any chance for additional list of rrcmas
    Notification no : 2/2013

    1. Less chance. Coming december

  90. I am selected in 2nd list. When joining letter will come?

  91. My name was in the 1st list of rrcmas but my register number division and departments were not in southern railway website released. How I’ll get information about appointment?

  92. My roll No 4402011994 is in 3rd list (Group D). Please inform me when my joining letter will come?

  93. My Sr. No is 4804 Main Painal List. Anyone Tell Me Please When Will Be joining?

  94. My roll no 4304027045 is in a 1st list. Rank 4185
    Please tell when will come my call letter?

  95. My roll no 4104030240 rank 4482 dramas 02/2013
    Please tell when will come my call letter?

  96. When my joining letter will come? My roll no is 4204024730. My name is available in 3rd list. Please inform me.

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