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TNPSC Tentative Answer Key 2016 CCSE-II Group-2 Non-Interview : Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

Organisation : Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
Announcement : Tentative Answer Key – 2016
Designation : Combined Civil Services Examination–CCSE-II (Non-Interview Posts) (Group-II A Services)

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Answer Key :

CCSE–II(Non-Interview Posts)Tentative Answer keys published on 27.01.2016

Subject Name: posts included in Combined Civil Services Examination–II (Non-Interview Posts) (Group-II A Services)

(Dates of Examination:24.01.2016 FN)


Note: Right Answer has been tick marked in the respective choices for each question. Representations if any shall be sent so as to reach the Commission’s Office within 7 days. Representations received after 3rd February 2016 will receive no attention.

1. This Booklet has a cover (this page) which should not be opened till the invigilator gives signal to open it at the commencement of the examination. As soon as the received you should tear the right side of the booklet cover carefully to open the booklet. Then proceed to answer the questions.
2. This Question Booklet contains 200 questions. Prior to attempting to answer the candidates are requested to check whether all the questions are there in series without any omission and ensure there are no blank pages in the question booklet. In case any defect in the Question Paper is noticed it shall be reported to the Invigilator within first 10 minutes.
3. Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks.
4. You must write your Register Number in the space provided on the top right side of this page. Do not write anything else on the Question Booklet. ·
5. An Answer Sheet will be supplied to you separately by the Invigilator to mark the answers.
6. You will also encode your Register Number, Subject Code, Question Booklet SL No. etc. with Blue or Black Ba ll point pen in the space provided on the side 2 of the Answer Sheet. If you do not encode properly or fail to encode the above information, action will be taken as per commission’s notification.
7. Each question comprises four responses (A), (B), (C) and (D). You are to select ONLY ONE correct response and mark in your Answer Sheet. In case, you feel that there are more than one correct response, mark the response wl).ich you consider the best. In any case, choose ONLY ONE response for each question. Your total marks will depend on the number of correct responses marked by you in the Answer Sheet.
8. To answer the questions you are to mark with Blue or Black ink Ball point pen ONLY ONE circle of your choice for each question. Select one response for each question in the Question Booklet and mark in the Answer Sheet. If you mark more than one answer for one question, the answer will be treated as wrong.
9. You should not remove or tear off any sheet from this Question Booklet. You are not allowed to take this Question Booklet and the Answer Sheet out of the Examination Hall during the examination. After the examination is concluded. you must hand over your Answer Sheet to the Invigilator. You are allowed to take the Question Booklet with you only after the Examination is over .
10. The sheet before the last page of the Question Booklet can be used for Rough Work.
11. Failure to comply with any of the above instructions will render you liable to such action or penalty as the Commission may decide at their discretion.
12. For Question No. 101 to 200 in all matters and in cases of doubt, the English Version is final.
13. Do not tick-mark or mark the answers in the Question booklet.

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