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DET Tamil Nadu Provisional Selection List 2016 JTO Junior Training Officer : Directorate of Employment & Training

Organisation : Directorate of Employment & Training DET Tamil Nadu
Announcement : Provisional Selection List
Designation : Junior Training Officer – 2016 JTO
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DET Tamil Nadu JTO Selection List

Provisional List of Candidates Called for Skill Test, Certificate Verification and Personal Interview

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1 2620458 AROKYAPRINCE J M BC 23/01/1990 N N N 130 GTG
2 2110036 RAJKUMAR M M BC 11/03/1980 N N N 128 GTG
3 3410238 P K MURUGAN M BC 09/09/1981 N N N 124 GTG
4 2710003 PARAMESHWARAN T M MBC/DNC 19/04/1990 N N N 123 GTG
5 3410336 RUBANKUMAR S M GT 16/07/1994 N N N 121 GTG
6 4010689 SARAVANAKUMAR K M BC 01/07/1978 N N N 120 GTG
7 3410773 VEERASEKARAN B M SC 21/12/1988 N N N 120 GTG
8 2110207 YUVARAJAN M BC 09/06/1989 N N N 120 GTG
9 2210948 ANNAMALAI P M MBC/DNC 26/07/1969 N N N 119 GTG
10 4010680 SUNDARARAJU M MBC/DNC 23/04/1975 N N N 116 GTG
11 2211082 MANOKARAN M MBC/DNC 03/05/1984 N N N 116 GTG
12 4110630 SHUNMUGAM S P M BC 12/06/1979 N N N 115 GTG
13 2410293 A CHANDRASEKAR M BC 04/02/1988 N N N 115 GTG
14 3511082 MOHANRAJ A M BC 15/05/1988 N N N 115 GTG
15 2310012 PATHARTHEEN U M BCM 11/06/1991 N N N 115 GTG
16 1410247 BALAGURU A M BC 06/05/1992 N N N 115 GTG
17 2520085 MANIKANDAN T K M MBC/DNC 03/06/1984 N N N 114 GTG
18 1110167 MAYILARASAN N M MBC/DNC 25/02/1991 N N N 114 GTG
19 3610763 A.PRAKASH M BC 21/05/1971 N N N 113 GTG
20 2520418 ANANDHAN R M BC 29/07/1975 N N N 113 GTG
21 2620115 NIRMAL KUMAR M BC 05/01/1989 Y N N 113 GTGPR
22 2420395 PRASANTH G M BC 03/11/1993 N N N 113 GTG
23 2210184 R RAVI M BC 14/11/1967 Y N N 112 GTGPR
24 4110167 SUBBURAM.A M BC 03/06/1988 N N N 112 GTG
25 2310461 SASIKUMAR B M MBC/DNC 09/05/1989 N N N 112 GTG
26 2220363 SAKTHIVEL.A M BC 11/02/1991 N N N 112 GTG
27 3410143 P VETRIVEL M MBC/DNC 08/02/1971 N N N 111 GTG
28 3110586 P THARMARAJ M BC 03/06/1980 N N N 111 GTG
29 1910201 VIGNESHWARAN K M BC 10/06/1986 N N N 111 GTG
30 1710837 MURUGAN T M MBC/DNC 25/03/1989 N N N 111 GTG
31 1710536 SIVA M M SC 20/05/1992 N N N 111 GTG
32 2110211 BOOPATHI . P M BC 12/07/1975 N N N 110 GTG
33 4110086 RAJADURAI R M BC 03/06/1976 Y N N 110 GTGPR
34 3310767 MURUGAN R M BC 30/06/1982 N N N 110 GTG
35 2210547 T BOOPATHY M BC 02/05/1988 N N N 110 GTG
36 4110154 PARAMASIVAM K M BC 12/05/1990 N N N 110 GTG
37 3910609 VELMURUGAN.B M BC 05/06/1990 N N N 110 GTG
38 2510494 KARTHIKEYAN.P M BC 23/04/1977 N N N 109 GTG
39 3110002 K RAJENDRAN M MBC/DNC 07/05/1980 N N N 109 GTG
40 1910265 N PONRAMAN M SC 07/04/1982 N N N 109 GTG
41 2410089 DINESHPRASANTH P M SC 07/04/1987 N N N 109 GTG
42 4010508 VIJAYABALAN.R M BC 16/06/1987 N N N 109 GTG
43 4110472 R.PANDIARAJAN M BC 12/01/1989 N N N 109 GTG
44 1110165 SIVAKUMAR G M MBC/DNC 20/05/1991 N N N 109 GTG
45 3610642 AATHITHYAN M M GT 14/10/1991 N N N 109 GTG
46 4010045 TAMILARASI A F MBC/DNC 19/07/1973 Y N N 108 GTW
47 2110217 SHANMUGAM P M SC 10/05/1984 N N N 108 GTG
48 1910343 SARAVANA KUMAR P M MBC/DNC 23/07/1989 N N N 108 GTG
49 2211072 PRABHU G M BC 05/05/1990 N N N 108 GTG
50 3510894 ASHOK KUMAR M M MBC/DNC 02/02/1976 N N N 107 GTG
For full list of successful candidates, refer the pdf file in the above link.

*** – In the absence of Female Candidate, Male Candidates have been called & In the absence of Priority Candidates Non Priority Candidates have been called, wherever applicable

Important Notes

1. The provisional selection list is prepared based on the details furnished by the candidate at the time of submission of application and the marks scored by him / her in the written screening test
2. Candidature will be summarily rejected if discrepancies are found in any of the details furnished by him / her during skill test / interview
3. Name in the provisional Selection list does not confer any rights for appointment

Selection Process

Preliminary Selection

A screening Test (Exam) at 10th Std level will be conducted to short list the candidates. Eligible candidates only will be allowed to take up Screening Test. The date and venue of the Screening Test will be intimated in the Hall Ticket. The candidate can download the Hall Ticket from the Website by entering the application number given in the acknowledgement Slip and his / her date of birth.

Main Selection

The candidates short listed based on the Screening Test Marks in the ratio of 1 : 5 depending on the No. of Vacancies in each category will be allowed for main selection process. If more than one candidate secures the lowest same cut off mark for a particular communal turn all such candidates will be called for main selection.

The final Selection will be in two stages.
a) Practical cum Teaching ability Test
b) Oral Interview.

Suitable weightage for practical experience, employment Exchange waiting period will be added in the final selection. For the Practical cum teaching ability Test, the skill ability of the candidates in the subject of their study will be tested.

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