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MSBTE WINTER 2017 Examination Result : Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education

Organisation : Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education (MSBTE)
Announcement : Result
Designation : WINTER 2017 Examination
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My result status at first semester is “Fail”, am I eligible for admission to second semester?
The eligible students studying in All ODD semesters i.e. First, Third and fifth are allowed to continue in corresponding EVEN semesters i.e. second. Fourth and sixth provided they are eligible as per regulation RG4D irrespective of status of result whether Passed, ATKT or Failed.

My result status at second semester is “Fail”, am I eligible for admission to Third semester?
Result status in the mark sheet of E schemes is independent status of that particular semester. Eligibility for next odd semester i.e. Third here is dependent on combined count of failure subjects in both semesters first and second. Number of failure subjects allowed to avail the facility of ATKT( to be eligible to next semester) is printed on mark sheet. If you are failed in equal to or not more than total allowable count of failure subjects together in BOTH semesters, you are eligible to admission to Third semester.

My result status of Fourth semester is Fail Lsp? Am I eligible for admission to Fifth semester?
Lsp means your lower semester is pending, means you are failed in one or more subject/s in either first or second or both semesters. You are then not eligible to admission for fifth semester irrespective of your result status at fourth semester as fail or pass or ATKT. If you are passed in both semesters first and second, get your result status corrected, removing Lsp remark, contacting your Institute.

Mistakenly if Lspremark do not appear on mark sheet of fourth semester but you are failed as above in first and/ or second semester, you are not eligible to admission to fifth semester, again contact your Institute to get the remark. In case your result status at Fourth semester is “Fail or Pass or ATKT”, (without any suffix like Lsp), eligibility for admission to fifth semester should be checked counting failure subjects together in Third and Fourth Semester both to avail benefit of ATKT.

My result status at Sixth Semester i. e. final semester is WFLS/WFLY, Can I get mark sheet?
WFLY/WFLS means your result of final semester/year is withhold as you are not passed in either lower semester/s, year. You can see marks in gazette of Institute but cannot get the mark sheet.

My result status is RHR/WFLY/WFLS, can I apply for verification, photocopy and reassessment?
Yes, normally marks are printed in Institute’s gazette, referring which you can certainly apply. Rather you have to apply if you so desire because you shall not get any extension for the reason that you are not receipt of your result/mark sheet. However if theory marks of any subject are not printed in Gazette, get your marks from Board applying through Institute only within the schedule given for application for verification, photocopy and reassessment.

What is the rule of ATKT?
If a student fails in not more than 1/3 (ONE THIRD) subjects, his result status is ATKT. These subjects are passing heads, for which minimum passing marks are to be obtained. Sessional is not passing head, as there is no condition of minimum marks to be obtained to pass. ( Minimum marks are “00”). Thus if there are seven subjects to pass, maximum number of failure subjects allowed to avail ATKT status is 7/3=2. Means a student should pass in FIVE subjects minimum.( Refer Examination regulation RG-2D).


Design and develop the curricular of Diploma, Post Diploma and Advanced Diploma Programmes. Grant affiliation to the instructions running MSBTE’s programmes. Conduct academic monitoring of the affiliated institutions, through Curriculum Implementation and Assessment Norms (CIAAN).

Organise Faculty Development Training Programs e.g. content updating training, soft skills trainings, industrial trainings and management trainings, hands on skills trainings for polytechnic teachers.

Grant equivalence to the programmes offered by autonomous polytechnics & other organisations. Conduct examinations, declare results and award certificates. Felicitate the State level rank holders and award certificates of Merit. Prescribe standards for curriculum, infrastructure and other resources Generate question papers through Question Banks.

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  1. my result shown for 2nd sem is FT nd 4th sem as first class LSP
    what does it means?

  2. I want to get my older mark sheet online due to some reason I have not collected my original marksheet from college. When I open site of MSBTE, it shows only current updated result. So, how to get older one?

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