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Organisation : Directorate of Medical Education Andhra Pradesh
Announcement : Result
Examination : GNM Examination November-2014
Reference Number : No: 26304/MN2015
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Update : DME AP Result GNM Examinations October 2015 :


Results of GNM Exams November-2014
Ref: Minutes of the meeting of Board of GNM Examinations held on 20.03.2015.

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The superintendents of the Teaching Hospitals, Principals of Government and Private Nursing Schools in the State are informed that the results of the General Nursing and Midwifery Examinations (Regular) held in the month of November 2014 are hereby declared as per the appendix enclosed.


It is informed that if the candidate desires for recounting in any paper, they are requested to submit their applications of the candidates along with photo copy of Hall Ticket, downloaded Marks memo and mentioning the subject of recounting duly enclosing original challan of Rs.100- per each paper under relevant head of account in which examination fee is being paid. Such applications are allowed up to 10.04.2015. Receipt of applications after 10.04.2015 for recounting will not be entertained. Reasons for late submission and receipt of such applications due to postal delays etc., will not be considered.

Further they informed that if any clarifications regarding the above results will be done by this office on or before 03.04.2015 on representation by the concerned schools of Nursing. No clarifications will be entertained after 03.04.2015.

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    1. GNM results are not yet available in the official website.

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    My nursing 3rd year results?


    1. GNM 2015 results is not yet released.

    2. Gnm 1st year result 2014_2015for Ts students.

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    1. This is for Dietcet board members. My straight question to this board is , why you were maintaining such stupid website( . I was tried so many times to know the updates about dietcet counseling but that site is not working even single time and at least try to maintain single official mail in that site, so that we can send my doubts through mail. Each educational website is updating the information perfectly, except this dietcet. My request is at least maintain the contacts working in working hours and maintain one official mail for queries.

  62. MM.Sakthivel 11/6/1996 15228236

    1. Result of GNM Exams – October 2015 is not yet published

  63. Please give information about my 3rd year GNM result.

    1. You can found on web site gnm 3 rd year result. Search it on google

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  65. philem priyadarshini devi

    I want to know my mark sheet


  67. November 2014 result

    1. It got declared and you can get it using your hall ticket number.

    2. How will I see my result? May I get any help from you please?

    3. Results of GNM Exams October 2015 get declared.
      You need your First Year H.No to get the result.

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