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Name of the Organisation : Entertainment Network India Limited (
Type of Announcement : Result
Competition : Classmate Spell Bee Season 7 Competition 2014 Level 1

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The list of on-ground and online participants qualifying for the
Spell Bee Level 2 Test is now available.

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Bangalore City Result :
Student Unique ID School Name City Student Name Class
SB7-086503 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore RITVIK S HANDYAM 9
SB7-086527 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore AYUSH KIRAN 9
SB7-088653 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore PRAGNYA REDDY 6
SB7-088552 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore N MITA DESHPANDE 7
SB7-086656 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore JAHNVI MURTHY PADURONE 5
SB7-086505 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore RITIKA SUSARLA 9
SB7-086598 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore ISHAN KRISHNA KUMAR 8
SB7-086542 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore NITYA DEEP 7
SB7-088546 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore SHUNHA SARAWATHY NEOVNGADI 7
SB7-088629 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore B KANISHKA REDDY 8
SB7-088506 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore ANSHUMAN B.S 6
SB7-088596 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore AARYA MODI 6
SB7-087068 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore ANISH NARENDRA SASTRY 7
SB7-088547 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore SUCHINTHA SARAVANNU DEVAKARAN 7
SB7-086529 Vidyaniketan School Bangalore AYUSH SATISH 7
SB7-090191 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore RICHARD ASHOK 9
SB7-089895 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore NEHA CHANDRA 8
SB7-090189 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore AVINASH SEKHAR 9
SB7-089875 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore N .DIVYA SHREE 9
SB7-089871 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore ABHISHEK. S. A 8
SB7-090185 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore MAYUKHI. ESHWAR 8
SB7-089853 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore GNANAKSHI DHANDAPANI 8
SB7-090224 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore SOHAN. R 5
SB7-089850 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore PRANAV K H 8
SB7-089878 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore SHARDHA S 9
SB7-089872 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore GAGAN C 8
SB7-087120 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore TANNAI DHANI REDDY 7
SB7-089869 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore CVRIL WILLIAM 8
SB7-090177 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore MANISHA.C 9
SB7-089894 New Baldwins Residential School Bangalore JS SUCHITHRA 8
SB7-087394 SBIOA School Bangalore ABHISHEK.K 9
SB7-087381 SBIOA School Bangalore RASHMI.S 8
SB7-087370 SBIOA School Bangalore DEPIHI.S 9
SB7-087374 SBIOA School Bangalore BHUVANA SHREE GOPAL 8
SB7-090602 SBIOA School Bangalore SONU.R
SB7-087391 SBIOA School Bangalore SHARATH KUMAR 9
SB7-087366 SBIOA School Bangalore BHARATH KUMAR.M. 8
SB7-087367 SBIOA School Bangalore JYOTHI KG 9
SB7-087322 SBIOA School Bangalore BHARATH.R 9
SB7-087372 SBIOA School Bangalore VANDHANA 5
SB7-090651 SBIOA School Bangalore RKUSHAL 6
SB7-087358 SBIOA School Bangalore AMITH GOWDA.R 7
SB7-090625 SBIOA School Bangalore VAISHNAVI.GGVDI 9
SB7-090619 SBIOA School Bangalore DIVYA H 6
SB7-087382 SBIOA School Bangalore YASHASWINI S 7
SB7-086902 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore KAARTHIHEYAN.D 7
SB7-086906 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore SUDHANVA R 7
SB7-086897 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore HEMANTH R PATIL 8
SB7-086878 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore M.S. NIRANJAN 8
SB7-086895 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore SURIYA MEDAPPAA NP 8
SB7-086896 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore SOURABH RAJA 8
SB7-086939 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore SMRITI H BHAT 7
SB7-087151 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore POORAN .V 7
SB7-086870 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore ROHAN 8
SB7-086889 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore AKANSHA KEDIA 8
SB7-087148 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore NIRANJAN N DILKSJITH 7
SB7-086921 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore SHRIDEVI N HEGDE 7
SB7-086923 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore RAKESHITHA.S 7
SB7-090680 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore JANANI SRIDARAN 8
SB7-087186 Cadambi Vidya Kendra Bangalore SRUSHTI KIRAN 7
SB7-090451 Cambridge Public School Bangalore VENEET ANKIT CORREA 9
SB7-090481 Cambridge Public School Bangalore MADHURI.C 9
SB7-090478 Cambridge Public School Bangalore T. CHANDANA 9
SB7-090452 Cambridge Public School Bangalore MALTESH . 9
SB7-090408 Cambridge Public School Bangalore KEVIN VARGHESE 7
SB7-090482 Cambridge Public School Bangalore GOWTHAMI.N 9
SB7-090455 Cambridge Public School Bangalore NAMRUUH MAIKM 9
SB7-090465 Cambridge Public School Bangalore JUINA CHRISTY.J 6
SB7-090403 Cambridge Public School Bangalore VIGNESH.C.N 7
For full list of successful candidates, refer the pdf file in the above link.

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  1. I want to know my result. My roll number is SB11-245443.

  2. Tell me, when the result will be published.

  3. Log on to to get your score and your unique ID.

  4. vivek bhaskar sanap

    my olympiad maths result
    my Enrollment Number M99645002A16

  5. I do not remember my unique ID. Please help to check my result/score. I have appeared for the test from Gwalior Glory High School, Gwalior M.P.


    1. You need your unique id to get the result.

  7. Where is Baldwin boys high school result?

  8. I can not find my result.

  9. I didn’t found my result.
    My unique ID is SB7 015841

  10. Result of SB7 167205

  11. Where is the city Chennai?

  12. Display result of SB7-012910

    1. Which city you belong to?

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