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TNPSC Result Combined Engineering Services Examination 2023 : Tamil Nadu PSC

Organisation : Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, TNPSC
Recruitment Name : Combined Engineering Services Examination (Interview Posts) 2024
Declaration of Result : 27-05-2024
Announcement : Result Declared
Website :

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TNPSC Combined Engineering Services Exam Result

The list of Register Number of candidates who have been provisionally admitted to Onscreen Certificate Verification in the ratio of 1:3/1:4 (posts not requiring experience) and 1:10 (post requiring experience) for the posts included in Combined Engineering Services Examination (Interview Posts) based on the results of the written examination conducted by the Commission on 06.01.2024 and 07.01.2024 FN & AN, is mentioned below.

List of Selected Candidates for CES Exam

The Onscreen Certificate Verification will be done based on the documents already uploaded by the candidates at the time of submission of online application.

0101001024 0101001055 0101001089 0101001174 0101001239 0101001241
0101001298 0101002018 0101002102 0101002116 0101002122 0101002132
0101002133 0101002152 0101002168 0101002201 0101003022 0101003060
0101003095 0101003097 0101003165 0101003225 0101003246 0101003263
0101004050 0101004092 0101004107 0101004124 0101004159 0101004217
0101004234 0101005072 0101005096 0101005118 0101005159 0101006011
0101006151 0101006166 0101006293 0101007023 0101007061 0101007072
0101007088 0101007098 0101007115 0101007133 0101007176 0101007212
0101007234 0101007244 0101007253 0101007257 0101008057 0101008075
0101008079 0101008097 0101008118 0101008127 0101008142 0101008197
0101008239 0101009093 0101009186 0101009228 0101009245 0101009258
0101009286 0101010068 0101010094 0101010155 0101010174 0101011038
0101011138 0101011157 0101012093 0101012140 0101012152 0101012174
0101012261 0101013031 0101013149 0101014031 0101014085 0101014104
0101014114 0101014149 0101014153 0101014169 0101014180 0101014288
0101015030 0101015083 0101015090 0101015114 0101015121 0101015122
0101015172 0101015174 0101016032 0101016150 0101016254 0101016291
0101017186 0101017272 0101018032 0101018092 0101018114 0101018116
0101018124 0101018210 0101018220 0101019053 0101019091 0101019175
0101019265 0101020004 0101020008 0101020251 0101020256 0101020258
0101020263 0101020283 0101020295 0101020297 0101020299 0101020300
0101020306 0101020309 0101020311 0101020322 0101020323 0101021006
0101021053 0101021072 0101021080 0101021151 0101021214 0101021216
0101021225 0101021266 0101022022 0101022131 0101022156 0101022241
0101023004 0101023006 0101023033 0101023039 0101023040 0101023049
………….Full list of Selected Candidates download below link.

** No individual Communication shall be sent to the candidates by Post. However, the Commission provides the additional facility to the candidates by informing the above said dates, events and intimation relating to Certificate upload, Certificate Verification and Oral Test etc., via SMS and email through their registered Mobile Number and email ID.

** Candidates are directed to watch the Commission’s official website and ‘X’ account periodically for all updates and intimations.

** The Commission shall not be responsible if the communication does not reach the applicant due to incorrect / invalid e-mail ID /mobile number and failure / delay in delivery of SMS / e-mail to the candidates due to any reason including technical issues.

** Any representation from the candidates for non-receipt of SMS or e-mail will receive no attention.

1. As per para 9(B) in Notification No.23/2023 dated 13.10.2023, selection in respect of Non-Interview post in this recruitment will be taken up after finalising the selection for Interview posts.
2. After Onscreen Certificate Verification, the list of eligible candidates for admission to Oral Test will be published in the ratio of 1:2/1:3.
3. Mere inclusion of the register number of a candidate in the above list does not imply that his/her candidature has been fully considered for Onscreen Certificate Verification and next stage of selection.

4. The candidates whose register number is found in the above list, have been admitted provisionally to the Onscreen Certificate Verification based on the marks obtained by them in the written examination, rule of reservation of appointments and other conditions stipulated in the Notification for the said recruitment.

5. The admission of candidates to Onscreen Certificate Verification is provisional subject to verification and acceptance of the claims as made in their online application towards Age, Educational Qualification, Experience, Communal category, PSTM, Differently Abled category etc., through original documents.

If any of their claims is found to be false or incorrect, their online application will be rejected, their provisional admission to Onscreen Certificate Verification will be cancelled and they will not be admitted to the next stage of selection.

6. The admission of candidates to Onscreen Certificate Verification is purely provisional subject to the decision of the Hon’ble Commission and final orders to be passed in W.P.(MD) No.29106/2023 and W.A.(MD) No.181 of 2023 and CMP (MD) No.2247 of 2023 pending before the Hon’ble Madurai Bench of Madras High Court and others cases relating to this recruitment, if any pending on the files of the Hon’ble High Court of Judicature at Madras / Madurai Bench of Madras High Court and decision of the Hon’ble Commission on the orders dated 16.02.2024 of the Hon’ble Madras High Court in W.P.No.3563 of 2024.

Selection Procedure of Combined Engineering Services Exam

A) Interview Posts:
Selection will be made in two stages i.e., (i) Written Examination and (ii) Oral Test in the shape of an interview. The final selection will be made on the basis of the total marks obtained by the applicants at the written examination and oral test taken together subject to the rule of reservation of appointments.

Applicants’ appearance in the written examination and oral test is compulsory. The applicant who has not appeared for any of the subjects in the written examination or Oral Test will not be considered for selection, even if he/she secures the minimum qualifying marks for selection.

B) Non-Interview Posts:
Selection will be made based on the marks obtained in written Examination subject to rule of reservation of appointments.
** A rank list will be prepared for interview posts after the conduct of oral test (Marks secured in written examination and oral test taken together). The candidates who have been selected for interview post will not be considered for non-interview posts.

** After finalisation of selection in respect of interview posts, a fresh rank list (Marks secured in written examination) will be prepared for selection of candidates in respect of non-interview posts, excluding the candidates who have been selected for interview post.

** Selection in respect of non-interview posts will be taken up after finalising the selection for interview posts.

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