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Organisation : Mizoram Public Service Commission
Announcement : Result
Designation : Primary School Teacher
Reference Number : No. PS(G)/1/2014-MPSC

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Result :
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Result of Written Competitive Examinations for Recruitment to the post of Primary School Teacher under School Education Department, 2015.

No. of vacant posts : 60
No. of candidates : 365
No. of candidates who completed the examination : 364
No. of candidates qualified for personal interview : 120

The following candidates who appeared in the Written Competitive Examinations conducted by Mizoram Public Service Commission for Recruitment to the post of Primary School Teacher under School Education Department on 28th and 30th July, 2015 are declared to have qualified for Viva Voce. Their names are arranged IN ORDER OF ROLL NUMBERS only.

Sl. No. Roll No. Name & Father’s Name Permanent Address

1 1001 B. LalmalsawmaS/o B. Laltluanga H.No.K-42Lengpui VengtharNear Forest QuarterAizawl.796410
2 1003 Betsy Malsawmzuali SailoD/o Lalhmingliana H.No.215Venglai BNear Venglai BazarKolasib.796081
3 1004 Bharati PradhanD/o SB Prabhan (L) H.No-30Govt. Complex, LuangmualRB Point, Near UPC ChurchAizawl, Mizoram.796009
4 1006 C. BiakthansangaS/o C. Lalnghakliana H.No.V-92Ratu, Ramhlun VengNear Catholic ChurchAizawl Dist.796111
5 1007 C. HmingthansiamiD/o CT Thangkhuma H.No.B-26 (b)VenglaiNear Govt. Venglai Middle SchoolLunglei.796701
6 1021 C. LalthankimiD/o C. Lawmzuala H.No.101Near Rose-bud SchoolChhipphir, Mizoram.796181
7 1027 Daisy LiandingpuiiD/o K. Lalhmachhuana H.No.B-92Tuikual SouthNear Tuikual ‘S’ Salvation Army CorpsAizawl.796001
8 1049 Hunlawmawmi HnamteD/o Lalrintluanga H.No.A-30Near Bangla, Thiak.796190
9 1050 Imanuel LalmuanawmiD/o Lalrintluanga H.No.A-II, A/6Chaltlang Salem VengNear N.I.TAizawl-796012
10 1052 Janet VanlalpekiD/o Lalthlamuana (L) H.No.KL D/19Zemabawk, Kananthar VengA-L Road, City Bus Turning PointAizawl.796017
11 1055 K. LaldinthariD/o K. Biakliana H.No.C-12Ramhlun NorthNear Baptist ChurchAizawl.796012
12 1060 K. LallawmkimiD/o K. Dohleia H.No.B-149/IRamhlun VenglaiPresbyterian ChurchAizawl.796012
13 1062 K. LalmuanpuiiD/o K. Zorema H.No.A/70Hualngohmun, Aizawl-796005
14 1063 K. LalrindikiD/o K. Khamzapauva H.No.SZ/B-42A-L Road, Zemabawk NorthNear Zemabawk North Presbyterian Church. Aizawl.796017
15 1064 K. MalsawmtluangiD/o K. Lalhlimpuia (L) H.No.E-26, Sihphir VenghlunNear St. Paul’s ChurchForest Check GateAizawl.796036
16 1070 LalbiaknungiD/o HC Lalsanglura H.No.81Chhiahtlang Hmar VengNear Govt. Primary School IIISerchhip.796181
17 1072 LalchhanchhuahiD/o R. Lalnuntluanga H.No.2/67 (A)Tlangnuam Road, KulikawnCatholic ChurchAizawl-796005
18 1073 LalchhanhimiD/o Lalchungnunga Pautu (L) H.No.A-31Republic VengthlangMual Veng, Near Baptist ChurchAizawl.796001
19 1075 LalduhpuiiD/o Zoremchhunga H.No.C-46Durtlang Kawnveng, DawrkawnNear Presbyterian ChurchAizawl.796014
20 1076 LalengmawiaS/o PL Liantluanga H.No.148, Hmar VengHmar Veng Presbyterian Church RoadNear Presbyterian Church Hmar VengKoalsib.796081
21 1078 Lalhlimpuii HmarD/o J. Lalkima Hmar H.No.Y-3/7Chhinga VengNear Nazareth English SchoolAizawl.796001
22 1081 Lalhmunsiama THS/o T. Laltanmawia H.No.109Theiriat, V-SectionNear Govt. H/S TheiriatLunglei.796701
23 1082 Lalhriatchhungi VanchhongD/o Lalbiakzuala H.No.217 ‘A’TlungvelNear Tlungvel Middle School-IIAizawl.796161
24 1083 LalhriathluiD/o Sapdawla H.No.A.53Ramhlun ‘S’Below YMA HallAizawl.796001
25 1085 LalhriatrengiD/o Lalnunsanga H.No.C-290Darlawn, Venghlun Near Carmel ChurchAizawl Dist.796111
26 1099 LalrambuatsaihaS/o PC Lalthlamuana H.No.K-177Bethlehem Veng, KK StreetNear Roman Catholic ChurchAiawl.796001
27 1102 Lalramliani HnamteD/o H. Lalpianmawia H.No.C-76 Chanmari-IIINear HATIMLunglei.796701
28 1103 LalrammuanpuiiD/o Lalrammawia Ralte H.No.348Type-IV, Government ComplexNear Guwahati High Court, Aizawl CentreAizawl.796009
29 1109 Lalremthara HnamteS/o Rozika (L) H.No.K-103Kelsih, KawnvengNear Aganwadi Centre – IAizawl.796005
30 1113 Lalrinmuani KhawlhringD/o Zotharliana Khawlhring H.No.D-38Thingsulthliah, Diakkawn AreaRural Bank OppositeAizawl Dist.796161
31 1115 LalrinsiamiD/o Thangliansawta H.No.B-135Ramhlun VenglaiPresbyterian ChurchAizawl.796012
32 1119 LalrokimaS/o Lalchhanhimi H.No.CNB J-18 (a), Sec-IIChaltlang NorthNear Salvation ChurchAizawl-796014
33 1124 LalruatsangiD/o Lalzirliana (L) H.No.C-I/11AChawlhhmun VengNear Aganwadi Centre-IAizawl.7960001
34 1128 LalthakimiD/o Lianzuala (L) H.No.A-115/ALuangmualNear MIZOFED LPG GodownAizawl.796009
35 1130 Lalthanpuii HnamteD/o Saihranga Hnamte (L) H.No.G-66Chanmari, MC Donald HillNear Government Higher Secondary School. Aizawl.796001
36 1136 LT LianhnaS/o Sanghmingliana H.No.54Govt. ComplexNear Presbyterian ChurchAizawl, Mizoram.796009
37 1142 Mary LalchhanhimiD/o Lalparvuli H.No.119Serkhan Chhim VengNear Govt. Primary SchoolKolasib Dist.796070
38 1144 MC Henry KissingerS/o MC Kangleha H.No.46Putlungasih
39 1145 Moses LalbeiseiaS/o Lalhmuchhuaka (L) H.No.C/60Venglai, Camp AreaNear YMA HallThingsulthliah.796161
40 1165 R. LalruatfelaS/o R. Lalrinzuala H.No.228Chanmari-IINear Chanmari YMA Meeting HallLunglei.796701
For full list of successful candidates, refer the pdf file in the above link.

Personal Interview will be held on 14th – 24th September, 2015 at 10:00 AM. on each dayat the office chamber of the Chairman, Mizoram Public Service Commission The candidates will be called individually.

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