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All posts from Result 2015-16 Station Controller/ Train Operator, Maintainer : DMRC Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Organisation :  DMRC Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd
Announcement : Result
Designation : Station Controller/ Train Operator, Maintainer , Jr.Engineer
Reference No : DMRC’s Advertisement No.DMRC/OM/HR/I/2015

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Result :

Result for Medical Test for the post of Station Controller/ Train Operator (SC/TO) (NE01) (Advertisement No. DMRC / OM / HR / I / 2015 Dated: 24th October, 2015) shall be published here on 01st August, 2016 by 05.00 PM.

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Important Instructions :
A. Dress Code: DMRC provides official uniform to all employees. However the process of delivery may take some time. For maintaining proper decorum in the Training Institute, you (both male & female) must carry two white full sleeves shirts, two grey Trousers, Black leather belt and one pair of Black shoes, when you report for joining. This is mandatory and you will be required to wear this dress, till you are issued official uniform.

B. PAN Card: You will have to submit the PAN card number at the time of joining. In case, you do not have a PAN card number right now, please apply for the same as soon as possible. It takes about 15 days to procure a PAN card .Without PAN card number; it will not be possible to draw your salary through banks.

C. Leave: Training is a very important part of your induction, so you may please note that leave will be granted only in exceptional situations during training period. No leave will be granted for shifting of belongings etc., so please come prepared to join immediately with full preparation as per schedule of joining. Not more than one day leave will be granted to you every month, during the training period. This is with a view to ensure training effectiveness.

As a working professional it is expected from you to understand the culture of your workplace and thus, it becomes essential to follow some basic professional etiquette. The basis of professional etiquette stands on the ethics of respecting other individuals in your workplace and displaying courteous behaviors while interactions.

Please remember, etiquette can have long lasting and deep impact for career growth and a rising goodwill in the organization. Some basic tips for etiquette which you need to follow, to make a great impact on every one in your organization is listed below.

i. General Etiquettes
** Always stand up to greet the seniors/Trainers and wish them, when they arrive in class room or wherever you happen to meet them.
** While in Training Institute premises, or at station or at work place, whenever a senior passes by you, wish him “Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening” as the case may be.

** Punctuality is considered as a “religion” in DMRC. So always be punctual for your training classes or at your work place. The reporting time for training at Training Institute is 9:00am sharp. Never get late, as this will count in your overall performance.

Never be habitual to give excuses for late arrival, because it’s your responsibility to take marginal time to reach in time. The classes are up to 5.30 pm. You have to attend all classes daily without fail. In no case you should remain absent from class, without express permission of V. P./ Training Manager.

** Be very respectful and polite to your colleague and seniors, and have care and concern for your junior.
** Always switch off or put your mobile/cell phones in silent mode while in a class room.
** Avoid digging your nose in public.
** Use handkerchiefs when you are coughing/sneezing in public.
** Always keep a comfortable distance while conversing with others. Avoid standing too close to the other person. An arm’s length would be ideal to maintain the comfort zone.
** It would be nice if you hold the door for the person who is coming immediately behind you.
** While in Canteen, during wait for your turn, never push or pass comment on any other person in queue.
** Always take care to maintain the cleanliness of class room and furniture/blackboards/projector and PCs etc.
** Never lean on the walls or put your shoes on the walls while standing, as it causes dab marks on the walls.
** During the “Breaks” in class, never converse loudly and make noises. Take tea with proper decorum without causing any disturbance to others.

ii. Dressing Etiquettes
** Always wear neat and nicely pressed prescribed uniform clothes as per Dress code.
** You should always present a smart turnout.
** Men need to keep their hair (including facial hair) neatly trimmed and set.
** Men must shave daily.
** Always polish your shoes.
** Keep your nails clean.
** Female employees, till they get uniform, should also wear the prescribed uniform as per Dress Code ”A”. T shirts/jeans are strictly prohibited.

iii. Conversation Etiquettes
** You should always be cool, calm and composed.
** Always listen to others attentively. A good listener is always dear to every person. Speak only when the other person has finished talking instead of interrupting in between.
** Keep a low but clear and calm voice while conversing. Your tone should always be polite.
** While conversing always look into the eyes of the other person and avoid showing your back or looking elsewhere.
** Maintain your sobriety and politeness even if the person speaks something offensive or rude and avoid replying back in harsh tone/words.
** Avoid fidgeting with your dress or putting your hands on the face while in a conversation.
** Never put your hands in pockets of your trousers, while taking with seniors.

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