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AIEESE 2015 Answer Key All India Engineering Entrance Scholarship Examination :

Organisation : Brainztorm Technical Excellence Pvt. Ltd
Announcement : Answer Key
Entrance Exam : AIEESE-2015 All India Engineering Entrance Scholarship Examination

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Answer Key AIEESE-2015
Answer Key will be Available after 4.00 PM on 08-May-2015.

Answer Key :
Physics :
Chemistry :
Mathematics :
Biology :
English Proficiency Logical Reasoning :

101. How many mitotic divisions are needed for a single cell to make 128 cells?
(a) 7
(b) 14
© 28
(d) 64

102. The water potential and osmotic potential of pure water are
(a) 100 and 200
(b) Zero and 100
(c) 100 and zero
(d) Zero and zero

103. Test cross is a cross between
(a) Hybrid × Dominant parent
(b) Hybrid × Recessive parent
(c) Hybrid × Hybrid parent
(d) Two distantly related species

104. Cyclosporine-A an immunosuppressive drug is produced by
(a) Aspergillus niger
(b) Monascus purpureus
(c) Penicillum notatum
(d) Trichoderma polysporum

105. Correct order is
(a) Palaeozoic, Archaeozoic, Coenozoic
(b) Archaeozoic, Palaeozoic, Proterozoic
(c) Palaeozoic, Mesozoic, Coenozoic
(d) Mesozoic, Archaeozoic, Proterozoic

106. The fruit which develops from inflorescence is called
(a) Achene (b) Berry
(c) Etaerio Composite fruit (d)

107. During cell division , the spindle fibres attach to the chromosome at a region called
(a) Chromocentre
(b) Kinetochore
(c) Centriole
(d) Chromomere

108. Arrange the following in the ascending order of Linnaean hierarchy.
(a) Kingdom-Order-Species-Genus-Class- Family-Phylum
(b) Kingdom-Family-Genus-Species- Class-Phylum-Order
(c) Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order-Family- Genus-Species
(d) Species-Genus-Family-Order-Class- Phylum-Kingdom

109. Select the correct match from the following:
(a) Rhizopuz- Basidiomycetes
(b) Alternaria- Zygomycetes
(c) Penecillium-Ascomycetes
(d) Ustilago- Deuteromycetes

110. Zonula adherens is a kind of
(a) Filament
(b) Desmosome
(c) Membrane
(d) Mesosome

111. How many molecules of oxygen can bind to a molecule of haemoglobin?
(a) One
(b) Two
© Three
(d) Four

112. Which of the following statements are true/false?
I. Trimerous condition of floral whorl is characteristics of dicotyledons.
II. Adiantum is also called walking fern.
III. In gymnosperms, the vascular system consists of xylem without vessels and phloem with companion cells.
IV. Riccia and Marchantia are liverworts.
(a) I and II are true and III and IV are false.
(b) I and III are true and IV and II are false.
(c) I and IV are true and II and III are false.
(d) II and IV are true and I and III are false.

113. At what stage of the cell cycle are histone proteins synthesized in a eukaryotic cell?
(a) During G2- stage of prophase
(b) During S-phase
(c) During entire prophase
(d) During telophase

114. Protochrolophyll differs from chlorophyll in lacking
(a) 2 H- atoms in one of its pyrrole rings
(b) 2 H- atoms in two of its pyrrole rings
(c) 4 H- atoms in one of its pyrrole rings
(d) 4 H- atoms in two of its pyrrole rings

115. In a plant, which is growing in magnesium deficient but urea rich soil
(a) Leaves will turn yellow
(b) Leaves will etiolate
(c) Stem will bend down
(d) Leaves will turn darker green

116. What is the first derived product of pyruvic acid after it enters into mitochondria for respiration?
(a) Citric acid
(b) Acetyl Co-A
© Isocitric acid
(d) Oxaloacetic acid

117. Viper venom affects
(a) Circulatory system
(b) Nervous system
(c) Respiratory system
(d) None of these

119. Which one of the following is a sesamoid bone?
(a) Pelvis
(b) Patella
(c) Pterygoid
(d) Pectoral girdle

120. In photosystem –I the first electron acceptor is
(a) Cytochrome
(b) Plastocyanin
(c) An iron – sulphur protein
(d) Ferredoxin

124. Path of relax action is
(a) Receptor, Brain, Muscles
(b) Receptors, Spinal cord, Muscles
(c) Muscles, Receptors, Brain
(d) Muscles, Spinal cord, Muscles

125. NEERI is
(a) National Ethological and Ecological Research Institute
(b) National Eugenics and Ecological Research Institute
(c) National Ecological and Environmental Research Institute
(d) National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

126. Women who consumed the drug thalidomide for relief from vomiting during early months of pregnancy gave birth to children with
(a) No spleen
(b) Hare- lip
(c) Extra fingers and toes
(d) Underdeveloped limbs

128. The testes in humans are situated outside the abdominal cavity inside a pouch called scrotum. The purpose served is for
(a) Escaping any possible compression by the visceral organs
(b) Providing more space for the growth of epididymis
(c) Providing a secondary sexual feature for exhibiting the male sex
(d) Maintaining the scrotal temperature lower than the internal body temperature

129. The polymerase chain reaction is a technique that is used for
(a) in vivo replication of specific DNA
(b) in vivo synthesis of specific mRNA
(c) in vitro synthesis of specific mRNA
(d) in vitro replication of specific DNA

130. Graft between two different species is called as
(a) Autograft
(b) Allograft
(c) Xenograft
(d) Isograft

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  2. Please send me the sample question paper of AIEESE SECONDARY exam.

    1. Information available from the Official Website :
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  3. Please tell me when result will come for aieese 2015?

    1. You can download your score card using your Application No. and Registered Mobile No.

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